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Effect of Cycles (NMV) on Mixed Traffic for Trichy

In most of the developing countries like India, the road way traffic generally constitutes mixed traffic like cycle, rickshaw, car, bus etc. Every public transport mode of transport involves access trips by NMV at each end. As the percentage of NMV in mixed traffic more, it may lead to problems like increasing number of major conflict points. In India, as a majority occupier, NMV plays a vital role in affecting the speed of the vehicles there by affecting capacity of lanes. Hence, in this study an experimental approach was undertaken to simulate the effect of various properties of NMV like number of NMV in the observed strip, number of NMV in adjacent strips, distance of the NMV from the edge of the road on the mixed traffic in terms of speed for the city of Tiruchirapalli (Trichy). Soft Computing Technique tool Fuzzy Logic Interface System (FIS) has been used in cross verifying observed speeds. Interestingly most of the modelled speeds are appears to be in line with corresponding observed speeds. The strength of relationship was measured with various model evaluation parameters like R2 and NSE (Nash Sutcliffe Efficiency). Keywords - NMV, Speed, Edge Distance, PCU’s, IRC, Fuzzy Logic, R2, NSE