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Effect of Piriformospora Indica Grown by using Jaggery as a Energy Source on Growth and Yield of Rice (Oryza Sativa)

Piriformospora indica has an exceptional ability to promote overall plant growth and provide protection from various environmental stresses and diseases. So, this plant and P.indica interaction leads to better plant growth and survival. In short P. indica is a bioregulator, bioprotector and bio-fertilizer agent. Due to these outstanding qualities there is a need to find a suitable, cheap and cost effective energy source for bulk production of P.indica in a bioreactor. Mass propagation of P.indica was carried out in a 7 L fermenter by using 4% w/v Jaggery as a only energy source to obtain maximum biomass and spore count to use as a biofertilizer. This fungal biomass is mixed with magnesium silicate (2%w/w) and the mixture is pelleted on roots of 4 weeks old paddy (Var.PUSA Basmati) for 3-5 hours and then transfer to field. Seedlings without fungal biomass are served as a control. Growth parameters of treated plants after 60 days shows considerable increase in root, shoot length and weight resp. The outcome of current work depicts that P.indica grown on Jaggery medium can be used effectively as a cost effective and ecofriendly biofertiizer. Keywords - Fermenter, Biofertilizer, Fungus, Jaggery, Piriformospora indica, Rice