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Fault Analysis Technique for Protection of Thyristor Controlled Series Compensated Transmission Line

Electrical Power System is most of time affected with transmission lines faults which disturb the system reliability, security and delivered energy quality. There are different types of Transmission line faults viz L-G, L-L, L-L-G, L-L-L. Fault classification is an area of continuous research in power system. To design accurate protection system, for the economic operation and stability of the power system network, it is of vital important to classify transmission line faults as quickly as possible. This dissertation work proposes a new technique for fault analysis of transmission line faults in power system. The power system network considered in this study is “2 BUS TEST SYSTEM” which is simulated in PSCAD and the wavelet Transform technique is used for analysis of different types of transmission line faults and classify with the help of Artificial Neural Network. Keywords - Wavelet, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Neurons, Feed Forward Propagation Neural Network.