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A Novel DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy for Shunt Active Power Filters using Sliding Mode Controller

A sudden load variations influence the operation of shunt active power filter (APF). This paper proposes a novel DC-link voltage control strategy to reduce this drawback. In this control scheme, capacitor voltage is controlled by technique which involves both standard PI and sliding mode controllers. The gain of PI controller is regulated continuously by sliding mode controller depends on loop error and derivative. Transition rule is used to reduce the chattering phenomenon which is mainly caused by sliding mode controller. This controller is termed as SMPI. Shunt APF is implemented without harmonic detection schemes in which the phase currents of grid are indirectly regulated to avoid reference frame transformation. The realization of the system is implemented by using MATLAB/Simulink. Comparison of performances of SMPI and conventional PI controller is also shown. Simulation result proves SMPI is more effective than conventional PI controller. Keywords - Active Power Filter (APF), Proportional Integral (PI), Sliding Mode Proportional Integral (SMPI), Voltage Source Inverter (VSI).