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Extraction of Standing Human Bodies from Single Image

Detection and extraction of human bodies in an image are a very difficult task that can facilitate many applications like background understanding and condition identification. In order to justify the challenge with the highly dimensional activity like pose, scene complexity, and different types of human presence, the majority of existing works needs computationally facility training The situation, dimensions, and color of the face are used for the localization of the human body, structure of the models for the upper and lower body according to the study of human body measurements especially on a comparative basis, and estimation of the skin color. To detection of kin color different levels of segmentation are combined. In this paper principal component analysis (PCA) algorithm is used for face, upper body and lower body detection. This paper presents an application of gray level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) to extract features from an image. Keywords - Face Detection, Principal Component Analysis, Filtered Image, Image Segmentation, Skin Detection, Upper Body Detection and Gray level Co-occurrence Matrix