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Effect of Six Weeks Energy Drinks Intake on Athlete Performance

Energy drink becoming very popular among sports person throughout the world. Present study has been conducted of determine the energy drink on athlete performance. For the study 30 athletes of the lovely professional university who played inter university were tested. The data was collected for all the three variables for all the drinks of Lovely Professional University who played. The drinks were given before 30 minutes from the administration of the test and the test conducted between 10 am – 11 am. To analyze the data descriptive statistics and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was employed. In case of significant main effect results, Levene’s test was employed for pair-wise comparison to find out the mean difference among the groups at.05 level of significance. After analyzing the data the insignificant difference was found in the speed variable. The significant difference showed for Endurance variable in between “Control and red bull”, with p value 0.048 and “Control and Gatorade” with p value 0.012. There was insignificant difference between “Gatorade and Red bull” with p vale 0.530. The result also showed that for the agility the significant differences between “Gatorade and control” with p value is 0.023 and “control and Red bull” with p value 0.012. There was insignificant difference between the “Gatorade and Red bull” with p value 0.746.