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Study on the Efficiency of Delaminated Composite Conoidal Shell in Terms of Deflection

Throughout last few decades scientists and researchers have discovered and analysed the advance properties of composite materials and investigated the factors that could affect its efficiency as a construction material in several fields of engineering, constructions. The assessment of the effects of several factors like boundary condition, load case, aspect ratio, lamina orientation is essential in order to design a relatively most efficient shell roof structure and the observation of those assessments are important to determine the form and geometry of the shell structures. Due to environmental diversities, the necessity of using composite materials is increasing in engineering sectors, industries and green building programs as well due to their advance physical and mechanical properties. In present day, the application of shell structures has been increased in a phenomenal rate because of their aesthetic forms providing uninterrupted space and look. A doubly curved conoidal shell roof made of composite material has been investigated for displacement in z-direction using an eight noded isoparametric element with 5 degrees of freedom per node. The variation of the factors like support condition, stacking sequence, load cases and ply orientation are taken into consideration to compare the results of displacement values for each case. However, the main emphasis is given on aspect ratio and delamination area to study the performance of multi-layered composites. Keywords - Conoidal Shell, Finite Element Method, Delamination, Aspect Ratio, Deflection.