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Investment of Attitudes the Higher Education Students to Developing the Teaching Profession: Practical Study in Baghdad University

Introduction: The research aims to identify the investment of attitudes of the Higher Education Students towards the developing teaching profession by investing their ability and new attitudes, and knowing whether there is a difference of statistical significance according to the (morning, night) study. The researcher followed the descriptive approach and prepared (questionnaire. The research found conclusions one of them that the study sample have a high level of trends a positive level towards the teaching profession, and that there is no statistically significant differences according to the gender, and recommendations, The need for pay attention to the profession performance of teaching and teachers, be it material or moral support. The Ministry of Higher Education responsible for employment absorbed the graduates, in the framework of maintaining the educational outputs, so not to contribute to their waiting for the job to increase the negative attitudes towards the teaching profession. Keywords - Investment the Attitudes of Higher Education Students, Students problem, Teaching Profession.