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Peel Strength Characteristics of Sandwich Panel using Climbing Drum Peel Test

The Glass Phenolic Prepreg Sandwich structure finds its application in most of Aerospace and Railways Interior parts due to its optimum level of fire resistance, very low level of heat release and smoke density. The Prepregs have two faces, Fill face and Warp face. In the present work, Fill face and Warp face of Glass Phenolic Prepreg is identified through microscopic study and adhesive bonding strength of fill face and warp face with core is determined using Drum peel test. It is observed that the adhesive bonding strength between fill face and core have good peel strength results compared to warp face due to the presence of higher resin tackiness on the fill face. Keywords - Drum Peel Test(DPT), Prepreg, Honeycomb Core, Universal Testing Machine (UTM)