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Consumer Brand Preference in the Car Buying

The main objective the study is to identify the factors affecting the brand preference in the buying consumer car in Kathmandu, Nepal. The study examines how the price perception, appearance perception and brand personality affect the brand preference in the buying car in Nepalese market. The study focuses on how the consumer preferred to select the car and which factor has the more influencing role for brand preference and selection of car. Primary data has been used in the study. The structured questionnaire has been used for collection of primary data. Convenient sampling technique has been used to collect from the respondents and 265 sample size has been taken from customers buying car in Kathmandu. Descriptive statistical analysis, correlation and path analysis have been used to diagnose data collected to draw valid conclusions using SPSS AMOS 21. Price perception, appearance perception, brand personality and self-congruity are taken as independent variables to explore the degree of relationship with brand preference while making decision to purchase a car. Correlation shows that all independent variables have significant relationship with dependent variable. The path analysis shows that there is a significant impact of price perception, appearance perception and brand personality on consumer brand preference in buying a car. Keywords - Brand Preference, Price Perception, Appearance Perception, Brand Personality and Car