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Nano Concrete and its Classified Applications in Nano Technology

This paper presents a modified design of Nanotechnology, which is one of the most active research areas that include a Number of disciplines including civil engineering and construction materials. In this paper, nano –silica has been replaced in various properties such as 2.5%, 3%, 3.5% to the weight of cement. Then the properties of concrete such as compressive strength of respective specimens were tested after 7 & 28 days of curing. Result has been obtained & compared with normal concrete mix. Nano concrete was concluded to have a higher strength than the ordinary concrete. Nanotechnology is the understanding, control, and restructuring of matter on the order of nano meters (i.e., less than 500nm) to create materials with fundamentally new properties and functions. The main advances have been in the nano science of cementitious materials with an increase in the knowledge and understanding of basic phenomena in cement at the nano scale. Keywords - Nano Scale, Asr, Nano Tube, Nano Silica, Polycarboxylates, Atomic Scale, Nano Concrete.