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Ecological Consciousness and its Path to Sustainable Development

Ecological Consciousness is a growing spirit that shows path to a sustainable development. It makes a bond in nature creating ecological balance. Arne Naess’ Deep ecology is a relatively new and highly ecological movement that arises as a new perception to visualize the inexorable changes that humanity currently confronts. Arne Naess theory of Deep ecology aims to find out a solution to our feeling of emptiness and stress and our current disconnectiveness with nature to its ultimate and where we can regain a feeling of connectedness with other living and non-living entities. Reaching the higher level of awareness is pivotal for deep ecology which will enable us to rebuild the relationship with living and non- living entities. Thus to develop the higher level of ecological consciousness it is necessary for everyone to spend time in nature where some positive remedy for sustainable development will approached successfully. As the Utilitarianism maintains, “Greatest happiness of the greatest number.” Therefore , we human beings , along with the other forms of life are a part of the food chain closely associated with each other together form our environment Keywords - Ecological Consciousness, Deep – Ecology, Environment, Sustainable, Utilitarianism.