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Trends in Culture and Identity in Nigerian Literature

Literature is a medium through which people showcase their arts, culture, social heritage and. Nigerian literature like other world literatures emphasize the values and provide the knowledge as well as the informing spirit of the humanities upon which science thrives. Literature shares the writer’s cultural experiences, challenges, ideals and widely read and accepted world- wide. Nigerian writers’ contribution is acknowledged through the literary prizes won. This paper peruses the social instability, corruption and marginalization responsible for identity crises of youth and women and how literature is creating awareness and social sensitization. It further highlights the effects of globalization which has compounded the nations multifarious problems. Literature is the people’s advocate for societal change and thus contemporary Nigerian writers interrogate in it’s capacity to lead people aright. It also significantly focus on education and human development intellectual communication curtails pride in culture and identity. The paper emphasizes political instability and migration as a contributing factor to the depreciating value presently being experienced in Nigerian Literature and culture. It concludes that Literature should be the agent for social crusade, preserving the Nigerian cultural heritage and projecting socially acceptable cultural behavior.