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Study of Whistlers in Earth’s Magnetosphere in the Presence of Parallel A.C. Electric Field

Variations in plasma density and magnetic field have a strong effect on the propagation of very low frequency waves in the whistler mode. Numerous studies have established that field-aligned density irregularities (sometimes called ducts) symmetrical relative their axis can effectively guide whistlers along the ambient magnetic field. Using the characteristic solution and dynamics method, the influence of electron beam on the bi-maxwellian distribution of whistler mode waves in the parallel alternating electric field and magnetic field is studied. The dispersion relation and the growth rate of Earth's magnetic layer were deduced and calculated in detail. Parameter analysis is performed by changing the parameters of the plasma like AC frequency, temperature anisotropy, relativistic factor etc. The influence of AC frequency on Doppler shift and the comparative study of growth rate of oblique propagating waves are analyzed. Found and discussed new results using the generalized distribution function. It can be seen that the effective parameters for the generation of Whistler mode waves are not only temperature anisotropy, but also the relativistic factors discussed in the results and discussion section, and the AC field frequency and electric field magnitude.