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Monitoring the Topographical Changes on Government Registered Plots of Land using Deep Learning Techniques

Living in an era of industrialization, a plethora of constructions happen daily. Ranging from residential buildings to commercial sky-scrapers, the constructions are exponentially increasing. The question here is that how many of these constructions are legal. The terminology ‘legal’ in this situation stands for a plot of land registered under a person followed by any traces of activity carried out by the owner of the land. Cases in which a construction occurs on a site without prior registration is termed as illegal. The current person responsible for construction has not been registered as a legal owner of the land in government records. To keep a track of these topographical changes such as construction, demolition as well as aiding the Government officials to monitor illegal encroachments, deep learning techniques are used and an Android application to facilitate capturing the survey images same has been developed. Keywords - Deep learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Android, Flask, Firebase, TensorFlow