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The Impact of Multi-Sensory Marketing on Shopping Experience and Consumer Decision Making: A Comparative Study

The present study analyses the influence of multi-sensory marketing, a strategy which is used to conduct a differentiated experience of consumer’s engagement at stores, on shopping experience and consumer decision making. The research is conducted on 250 consumers visiting two separate stores in a shopping mall in Bangalore, India. The findings from the study prove that the establishment of brands in the minds of individuals, consciously or subconsciously impacts their choice and consumption of products. Thus, it is concluded that multi-sensory marketing, used effectively, can significantly impact the choices of the consumers. Absence of this approach can be detrimental to brands, result in the failure of established or known brands and create a sense of doubt in the mind of the consumers regarding particular brands. The importance of the five senses or sensory strategies used by the stores provides a unique opportunity for an "approach" between brands and consumer, and differentiates stores which use sensory marketing strategies from their competitors. Keywords - Five Senses, Sensory Marketing, Brand Image, Shopping Experience, Consumer Behavior