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Bulletproof Green Building for the Comfort of Soldiers in Siachen

The building is designed with “Y” like shape structure to ensure maximum heating from sun, which can provide better heating than only south facing transparent walls to warm the interior of the tent like temporary pre-cast, portable structure which is designed for extreme weather conditions in places like Siachen where temperature can drop upto -60 C. The structure is designed to obtain the required heat energy from passive solar heating as well as heat released from the body(respiration) and body heat. The design tries to reduce all possible ways of heat loss. The design also checks that the insulation technique does not hinder the fresh air flow into the structure and this ventilation system which mimics the termite mound offers very less loss of heat by conduction and convention. The heat in the night time is maintained by greenhouse effect provided by the polycarbonate walls and a layer of greenhouses gases like carbon-dioxide, water-vapour and methane sandwiched in between the polycarbonate walls. These gases are obtained in natural process like respiration of humans and anaerobic decomposition of bio-waste by bacteria. The building design would prove to be a low-cost, green building and which doesn’t harm the surroundings near by during its construction. The design provides warmth to its occupants without using any external energy and efficient than only south facing walls/windows which are used for heating the interiors. Keywords - Passive Solar Heating, Body Heat, Termite Mound.