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Load Flow Analysis for Radial Distribution System using Backward/Forward Sweep Method

This paper proposes a backward forward sweep method to analyze the power flow in radial distribution system. Distribution systems holds a very significant position in the power system since it is the main point of link between bulk power and consumer. A planned and effective distribution network is the key to cope up with the increasing demand for domestic, industrial and commercial loads. The load-flow study of radial distribution network is very important for effective planning of load transfer. Since distribution system is radial in nature having high R/X ratio, the load flow method become complicated. So the newton raphson and fast decoupled method are failed in distribution system. The proposed method presents a load flow study using backward forward sweep method, which is one of the most effective method for the load-flow analysis of the radial distribution system. By using this method voltage magnitudes for each bus node are determined. This method has tested on IEEE 12-bus and 33-bus radial distribution system and effective result are obtained using MATLAB.