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MATLAB based Modeling of Solar MPPT Technique

This paper presents on a MATLAB/SIMULINK model of a Solar Cell by using MPPT technique. This model is based on mathematical equations and is described through an equivalent circuit including a photocurrent source, a diode, a series resistor and a shunt resistor. is algorithm that included in charge controllers used for extracting maximum available power from PV module under certain conditions.. Maximum power varies with solar radiation, ambient temperature and solar cell temperature. Typical PV module produces power with maximum power voltage of around 17 V when measured at a cell temperature of 25°C, it can drop to around 15 V on a very hot day and it can also rise to 18 V on a very cold day. So, this model extract the maximum available power from PV module by making them operate at the most efficient voltage (maximum power point) Keyboard - MATLAB/SIMULINK, Solar Cell Model, PV, MPPT, Solar Radiation