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Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Circular Enclosure with Eccentrically Placed Inclined Elliptical Plate

In this analysis we have examined the process of the steady state laminar natural convection around heated elliptical plate with Rayleigh number 10^6 placed inside a circular enclosure. Position of plate is varied by r/D=0.00, 0.05, and 0.2, where D is the diameter of the enclosure and r is the distance between the centre of ellipse and centre of circle. Elliptical plate is inclined at different angles and results are summed up in relative manner. Temperature difference between the enclosure and the inner body (i.e. temperature of inner body is kept high as compared to the enclosure) is maintained .Two dimensional study is followed by considering air as a fluid in enclosure. The effects of the Heat Transfer and Flow of Fluid are analyzed by the streamlines and isotherms plotted for the body placed inside enclosure. Local Nusselt number (Nu) is also plotted along the wall of elliptical plate and along the surface of the circular enclosure. This work has been validated with various other numerical studies and was in good conciliation. Keywords - Laminar Natural Convection, Elliptical Plate, Circular Enclosure, Inclination.