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Who is Behind the Success of the Indian Women Entrepreneurs?

Today the women entrepreneurs of India are increasingly a force to be reckoned with, as they have been ‘breaking barriers and scaling new heights’. "According to the Women’s Global Entrepreneurship study conducted in US, UK and India, commissioned by Dell (2012), it has been found that the ideal country for a woman starting a business could well be India." Even according to NASSCOM (2017), ‘there has been a 50 percent increase in women joining the start- up ecosystem over last year’. The various studies researched on women entrepreneurs are very inspiring. What is driving so many women to start-up, is it the ecosystem or is it that they have some kinds of traits they possess which has helped them to deal with the challenges over the years- beginning from societal taboos and gender stereotyping in the initial days to the competitive business environment of the globalized world? The very purpose of the study is to analyze the driving force behind the success of the women entrepreneurs in India. To meet the purpose of the study both primary and secondary data have been collected. Besides examining the reasons for starting up and assessing the entrepreneurial traits of Indian women entrepreneurs, this research further evaluates to what extent the ecosystem has been conducive in honing the entrepreneurial traits of the Indian women in taking the leap of faith. Keywords - Entrepreneurs; Women; Entrepreneurship; India; Innovation.