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A Review Paper on NOx Emission Reduction Caused by Biodiesel

This paper is actually an insight to the effect of biodiesel blending on emissions and efficiency in a non-road diesel engines. In researches carried out, it was observed that using neat biodiesel and biodiesel blends in Compression Ignition engines generates a slight increasing amount of Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen dioxide – the combination that constitutes oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). Within the range of tests that were carried out, the NOx emissions from biodiesel and its blends happened to be higher than those of petro-diesel fuel [1]. The efficiency of the system is believed to be improved with increased biodiesel content as the alternative fuel. The production and use of renewable fuels for transportation is one approach for a sustainable energy future worldwide [2]. Renewable fuels also substantially reduce contributions for change in the climate globally. In the transportation sector, ethanol produced from biomass shows promise as a future fuel for Spark-Ignited engines because of its high octane quantity. Keywords - Biodiesel Blending, Oxides of Nitrogen, Alternative Fuels, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy.