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E-Recruitment- A boon for Job Seekers

Internet has revolutionized not only the recruitment process but also the job seekers perception towards a job opportunity. Today e-recruitment has become a vital tool for organizations. E-recruitment tools are cost and time effective and, they provide numerous opportunities to job seekers to research about an opportunity before accepting the offer. Tools like social networking sites and job portals are not only beneficial for employers to find the best talent but they are helpful for job seekers also to find their dream organization. Firms competitive advantage increases with the use of e-recruitment tools as it helps in low cost and increased efficiency of the recruitment process and it offers many benefits and opportunities to job seekers. The study shows how e-recruitment tools are a boon for job seekers. The paper shows how numerous advantages e-recruitment tools provide to job seekers makes it like a blessing for them. The paper also provides insight for job seekers to make the best use of tools to search about the job opportunity and other important related factors. The major findings emerging out of this study is that job seekers are getting benefited with the use of e-recruitment tools like social sites and portals and they are using them to take their decision regarding accepting the offer or not. Keywords - E-Recruitment, Job Seekers, E-Recruitment Tools, Benefits of E-Recruitment Tools