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Synthesis and Electrical Study of Multiferroic Nanocomposites

La doped bismuth ferrite (BLFO) with perovskite phase was synthesized using sol-gel method and Zn doped lithium ferrite (LZFO) with spinel phase was synthesised using auto combustion method. Using the ceramic method, the two phases were mixed to form multiferroic nanocomposites (BLFO-LZFO). The stoichiometric ratio for the synthesised nanocomposites being xBi0.95 Ln0.05FeO3 -(1-x)Li0.4Zn0.2Fe2.4O3, where 0.0≤x≤1.0 in steps of 0.25. All the sample were subjected to characterisation technique such as X-ray diffractometry and LCR meter. Formation of all the phases was confirmed using XRD analysis. Electrical study such as complex dielectric comprising of dielectric constant (ε՛) and dielectric loss were studied as a function of the applied external electric field and composition. A dispersive behaviour in both the parameters i.e dielectric constant and dielectric loss subjected to frequency was observed. The frequency range under investigation is (20Hz-2MHz). A decrease in dielectric constant is also observed with decrease in BLFO concentration. Possible mechanisms contributing to all the above results are being discussed. Keywords - Nanocomposites, XRD, Dielectric constant, Dielectric Loss.