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Automated Ration Distribution using RFID and GSM

An efficient, accurate and automated ration distribution machine using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based technology which is an innovative approach in PDS (Public Distribution System).In this paper, the proposed system replaces the manual work in public distribution system. The main objective of the designed system is the automation of ration shop to provide transparency by using, RFID & GSM technology. This automated ration system replaces the conventional ration card system by RFID tag, the Government Authority provides the customer’s database stored in microcontroller. Customer needs to scan tag to RFID reader, and then microcontroller checks customer’s details with stored database to dispense the material in ration shop. After successful authorization, customer needs to enter type of material as well as quantity of material using keypad. After delivering proper material to consumer, proposed ration shop system is connected to the government database via GSM module to provide information to customer as well as PDS authorities. Keywords - PDS (Public Distribution System), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication).