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Gas Leakage Detection and Accident Prevention System using IoT

IoT is an extending system of physical gadgets that are connected with various sorts of sensors and with the help of availability to the web, they can trade information. Through IoT, web has now stretched out its underlying foundations to pretty much every conceivable thing present around us and is not any more constrained to our PCs and cell phones. Security, the rudimentary worry of any undertaking, has not been left immaculate by IoT. Gas Leakages in open or shut regions can turn out to be perilous and deadly. The conventional Gas Leakage Detector Systems in spite of the fact that have incredible accuracy, neglect to recognize a scarcely any elements in the field of alarming the general population about the spillage. In this manner we have utilized the IoT innovation to make a Gas Leakage Detector having Savvy Alerting systems including calling, sending instant message and an email to the concerned expert and a capacity to foresee unsafe circumstance with the goal that individuals could be made mindful in advance by performing information examination on sensor. Keywords - Internet of Things, Gas Leakage Detector, Raspberry Pi, Data Analytics.