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Attacks on the Software

Software vulnerability is the defect or weakness in the software of computer system that would lead to malicious attack by intruders to the software if they detect this defect or weakness. Software vulnerabilities are the root cause of security issues in the computer systems. The major reason for its occurrence is lack of proper knowledge about the vulnerabilities among the software developers. And even if they have knowledge about vulnerabilities they have little idea about its causes, how to detect them and how to fight these vulnerabilities. Therefore a proper security check has to be done by the software testers to validate software security and identify software vulnerabilities, the different vulnerabilities in the software, how quickly an attacker can detect the vulnerabilities in any given software, how to deal with these vulnerabilities is the main focus of information security field. In this paper we have done a survey on types of software vulnerabilities and comparative study on existing approaches to deal with the software vulnerabilities. Keywords - Software Vulnerability, Security Issues, Malicious Attack, Detect, Computer Systems.