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Attribute based Storage Supporting Secure Deduplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud

Cloud is an important source of data storage that can be maintained, managed and backed up via remotely anytime. These cloud services not only provide easy access but also protects user’s data to a greater extent from the third party. Due to rise of ‘Big Data’, Cloud computing has become one of the most significant and essential rising application platforms to solve the expanding of data exchange. Cloud networks are not so secure, to protect data from exposure, users need to encrypt their data before sharing it to other users. So, to achieve this few terms Attribute-based encryption (ABE) has been widely used in cloud computing where data providers outsource data in encrypted format to cloud and can share the encrypted data with different users possessing specific attributes which will indeed get decrypted using security measures. It allows a user with limited computational resources to outsource their large data processing workloads to the cloud, and economically enjoy the better power, computational bandwidth, storage, and even appropriate software that can be shared in a pay|per|use manner. To the other side, the outsourced computation workloads often contain highly-confidential and sensitive data, such as the proprietary research data, business statistics, or personally identifiable information, university student data records, stock market data etc. To combat against unauthorized data leakage and exposure, this sensitive and confidential data have to be encrypted before outsourcing so as to provide end-to-end data confidentiality assurance in the cloud and beyond that. However, ordinary data encryption techniques, in essence, prevent the cloud from performing any meaningful operation of the underlying ciphertext policy, making the computation over encrypted data a very hard problem for the system. The proposed system achieves scalability due to its hierarchical structure as well as efficiency and easiness of data flow in cloud computing.