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Effect of Work-Life Balance on the Industrial Security Force Personnel Deployed in Remote North Eastern Part of India: An Analysis

Work life balance or in other word, balance between work life and personal life has generally been a matter of attention of both researchers and executives. Life in the 21st century is getting increasingly complex as people are trying to do too many things and donning multiple roles . Expectations at place of work as well as at home are rising and gradually infiltrating into each other territory in the life of modern day human being. The Security force personnel , which forms a special segment in our society due to their unique nature of profession, are also equally exposed to this phenomenon . This paper analyses the peculiarities of the professional hazards of Industrial security force personnel at the work place and their corresponding effect on the personal life . It also analyses various causes and effect of Work Life balances that the Industrial security force personnel deployed in the Eastern India in general and Oil sector industries of North East in particular, faces in their daily life This paper also takes a look into the trends and varieties of preferences revealed by different categories of Industrial security force personnel during a limited survey conducted amongst randomly selected Security force personnelas well as analyses the effect of any imbalances from the point of view of all the stakeholders , i.e., the Individual, the Organisations and the Society. Based on the limited survey findings from the target group of Industrial security force personnel, this paper also attempts to highlights a few individual preferences to deal with such imbalances , if any , as indicated by the security force personnel which they are most likely to adopt, whenever required. Keywords - Industrial Security, Family Life, Risk Analysis, Work life, Stress, Law & Order, Force Multiplier.