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Educated Unemployment

Education has emerged as a fundamental requirement of a Person’s life. life without education is similar to animal education plays on important role in making the future of the future by making all-round development of the child. Education is given to the learner by the teacher .the major three components of education are education teacher and learner. At present, the quality of education has become so much affected that the army of educated unemployed his stood. In spite of being educated, you are unemployed. There are several reason for this, like capital and land which are available for government job. In government employment salaries attract loss but less facilities, the job bell is fixed, while in private business, the full income but facilities depend on hours of work. Secondly, any ordinary person is required to have large capital and land available to start the system. Normally it is not possible to start a personal business. One reason for this is also the lack of experience. These are some of the major reasons why educated unemployed are affected. One of the main reasons for educated unemployed is that their knowledge is not equivalent to this degrees. The lack of quality in their knowledge is associated with teacher. The kind of knowledge the teacher give to learner gets the same result. The change in result here also depends on the learner’s interest. Due to lack of quality of education in education and the absence of recruitment of government jobs, the number of unemployment is open in the present time. Employment path opens with the development of education personality but for the job of a small post when the line of stripes is taken, then the question mark on the education teacher and its quality displayed. At present, the quality of education and teacher needs to be effective so that the learners can self-employed in the absence of a job. Keywords - Unemployment, Quality of education, Business, Degree, Relative Knowledge, Development.