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Hotel Booking Confirmation Email Classification and Automation using RPA and Machine Learning

The project implementation done here is based on a problem in the hotel and tourism industry. The hotel and tourism industry have many applications in which automation and machine learning can be used to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the system. The project involves automation of a part of the booking system of a Hotel aggregator group. The Hotel aggregator group sends emails regarding the status of a booking. The Hotels reply by sending booking reconfirmation emails confirming, rejecting or asking for more information in the booking. The booking team of the Hotel aggregator group then analyses the booking and finds out the status of the booking. The main aim of the project is to automize and suggest or find out techniques by which more efficient classification and automation of the booking reconfirmation emails. The project has implemented probable solutions for the above problem and looked at achieving an optimum accuracy. The techniques involve sentiment analysis, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning. The techniques were implemented using different software and other such techniques. Keywords - Sentiment Analysis, NLP, LSTM, Keyword Dictionary, RPA etc.