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Experimental Analysis of Indirect Type Solar Air Dryer

Design a cylindrical parabolic trough collector (line focusing) for drying pearl paint in heating oven. Collector aperture area is 1.2m x 2.5m and concentration ratio (C_R) is 14. Cool water gets heated up to 90℃ by collector. This hot water pass through the shell tube heat exchanger (double shell and double tube pass) with baffle arrangement and exchange heat with the air. This hot air passes through the heating oven at 60℃ and absorb volatile present in paint so that paint pigment adhere to the pearl. The flow rate of air is regulated so that we can maintain constant temperature of 60℃ in oven otherwise, if exceeds 60℃ it’s also evaporate paint pigments which is responsible for providing shining in color and color gets dull. Flow rate of pump is also regulated because intensity of radiation is different in different time interval. Keywords - Cylindrical Parabolic trough Collector, Concentration Ratio, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger and Paint Pigments.