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Tensile Property Studies of Plasma Aluminized Ti6Al4V Alloys

Ti6Al4V are high strength to weight ratio alloys of titanium extensively used in aerospace and bio-medical applications. This alloy is widely used in aerospace turbines owing to its low weight. However, this alloy which is +  phase alloy, is limited to an operating temperature of 450C owing to poor oxidation resistance. As a solution to this, a novel plasma based aluminizing heat treatment technique has been reported here which can provide excellent oxidation resistance. In order to access their mechanical properties, a comparative tensile test with bare and coated tensile samples have been conducted. The phases in the coating were identified using XRD and microstructure by SEM-EDS measurements. The microhardness of the bulk and the coating was done using Vickers microhardness testing. The tensile tests observed an increase in the UTS of the coated samples as compared to the bare Ti6Al4V. The role of TiAl2 and TiAl3 phases on the mechanical properties is discussed.