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Automatic Water Irrigation in Agricultural Field using PLC Technology

• The main aim of this research is to reduce the workload of farmers by time consumption. • In agricultural land a farmer stand for more than 12 hours to irrigate his agricultural land in furrows one by one, so he will spend more time to finish his work. • By using this research, automatic water irrigation in agricultural field with the help of PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) technology. • We can irrigate the water automatically to the furrows of field. So we can save the time and health of farmers. • In this research I am going to use PLC machine, water flow sensors, all reset sensors, pipes and valves and bore set and GSM. • After this process is completed, Our PLC machine will send message to our farmers, that the process is completed. So by using this research we can reduce the time and work of farmers in agriculture field. • The farmer work is to just switch ON the motor then the process will be carry on by PLC.