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Writing as A Panacea to Death in Paul Auster’s Fictional World

The present paper examines three celebrated novels of Paul Auster, one of the most famous contemporary American novelists, namely The Book of Illusions, Oracle Night, and The Brooklyn Follies from the critical perspective of the Austrian psychotherapist Viktor E. Frankl’s logotherapy. Frankl’s logotherapy talks of ‘creative values’, ‘experiential values’, and ‘attitudinal values’ as the fundamental sources of finding meaning in life. After undergoing a thorough textual and discourse analysis, the paper comes to the conclusion that the protagonists of the aforementioned novels cling to writing, a means of realizing ‘creative values’ in life, to keep themselves away from their suicidal instincts. Keywords - Logotherapy, Creative values, Survival, Noo-dynamics, Homeostasis.