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Study the Effect on Bit Error Rate(BER) for Elevated Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR) in IoT based Systems using Cooperative Communication

Cooperative communication is the future of wireless and mobile communication. The diversity antenna technology that can be utilized by cooperative communication can improve the quality of the signal received by a mobile. The mobile nodes can further improve signal quality by using multiple input multiple output systems. The cooperative communication is the best way to increase the availability of signals which has become very difficult after restrictions on the establishment of new mobile towers. Cooperative communication gives double advantages, on the one hand, it increases the availability of signals and on the other hand, it does not need any further investment by the service provider. The implementation of the cooperative protocol is easy as it is compatible with the currently used infrastructure-based mobile system. Various protocols have been suggested so far for the implementation of cooperative communication but none of them can be implemented practically. In this paper, various protocols have been compared. Keywords - Internet of Things, Co-Operative Communication, Sensor, Relay Nodes, Amplify and Forward.