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Greenhouse Automation Optimised with the Improved Utilization of Sensors

Greenhouses are known for their enhanced yields and better agricultural output. They are equipped with various sensors to automate the whole system. Sensors are one of the reliable resources in their automation and their proper utilisation can help in further improving the yield and better utilization of resources [1]. Greenhouse farming relies on better sensing methodology for better results. Proper usage and selection of sensors is the key to better results. Yields depend on the fertilizers too and adding the fertilizers adds extra costs. Farmers need to optimize their farming inputs for better profits. Nutrient management is process which includes addition of these fertilizers and called as Fertigation. Improved sensing methodology can help in better nutrient management and can help in proliferating the outputs. It can reduce the stress from the farmer and he can earn profits while solving the world food shortage [2]. Extensive exploitation of cultivable lands has compelled the technology to find new ways of improving the farming outputs. Modern farmers can rely on technology for farming and can get good crops even if they have less knowledge about the agriculture. Keywords - Sensors, Greenhouse, Fertigation.