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Tribal Situation In Bolangir - A Historical Study (1990-2010)

The ward ‘tribe’ refers to a culture, heritage, historical identity, concept and separate group of persons having their own identity and it is an enigma to the world of culture and heritage. Their society lives in isolated areas and their social life style is different from the main stream of society. The way of life of tribal people is based on the sustainable use of local ecosystem. The tribal population is found in almost all parts of Bolangir district. The geography, geology, climate and ecosystem of this region play a vital role in all aspect of tribal society and the natural resources such as water and fertile soil are vital for survival of tribal in different parts of Bolangir district. Many policies and plan implemented by government and large scale mining has become a major threat to tribal livelihood on the scheduled areas of district. They are symbol of self ascertain and their status depends on the economy roles they play. They enjoy a greater freedom to mix and move around but they lost their rights. Who have been exploited economically, mentally and physically not only because they belong to tribal community but because they are illiterates. Not a single day passes with paper reporting on violation of tribal labour and women, without any fault of their own. In this paper an attempt has been made to highlight on situation and status of scheduled tribes in Bolangir district and a focus has been made to analysis the crime against tribal labour and women in Bolangir. Keywords - Situation, Status, Scheduled Tribes