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Effective Education in a College in Bangladesh: From Managerial to Transformational Leadership

This paper is a study on the compulsion of transformational leadership from the part of the principal of this era when the demography of the students are changing exponentially , when the globe is experiencing massive changes in methods and techniques in educational process but the institutions remain the same as its ethics and operational strategies. The time is eloping when an educational head earns praises due to their prominence and performance in managerial functioning. But this paper tends to focus on several persisting challenges in these educational institutions like huge gap between teacher-student ratio, students’ increasing technological oriented learning, teachers’ lack of knowledge of multimedia class operation, girls’ little rate of enrolment in higher level of education, early marriage of school going girls and ensuring quality education to girls as per the demand of SDG 4 by 2030. This paper fosters the idea that a transformational head of the institution can be successful in this chase of challenges as he involves everyone to activities in order to reach goal. He works with the other members as a team member and thus a challenge of an institution turns to be liability to all. Keywords - Effective Education, Manager, Transformer, Leadership, Role of Principal, Bangladesh.