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Strengthening of Geopolymer Concrete Columns with GFRP Composites

The experimental investigation results of effectiveness of the externally bonded Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) in the strengthening of the Geopolymer reinforced concrete columns are presented in this paper. A total of 21 columns with three different aspect ratios were cast and tested under axial compressive loading until failure. Three different aspect ratios were tried with constant width (H) as 100 mm and with varying breadth (B). Two types of E-Glass fiber mats were tried in this study viz., Woven Roving Mat (WRM) and Chopped Strand Mat (CSM). Test results indicated that the columns with higher aspect ratio resulted in more ultimate strength as the number of GFRP layers increases. The rectangular columns gained more ultimate load than their square counterpart. Compared to WRM, CSM achieved enhanced load carrying capacity and better confinement. Keywords - Geopolymer, E-GFRP Fabrics, Strengthening, Axial Behaviour, External Wrapping