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Speed Control of Automobiles using Seat Belt

As according to the statistics of present situations there are many road accidents happening, and the reason for the cause is carelessness while driving. A survey report states that a total of 22,441 passengers died due to vehicle crash in 2015 as the occupants were unrestrained during the incident. In this statistics greater than half were teenagers of 13-19 years (range between 52%-59%) and the rest were adults aged 20-44 years [1]. Particularly when a person is driving he needs to maintain safety precautions like seat belt and obey traffic norms as it is true that precaution is better than cure. Here our paper deals to support in the region of precaution for driver’s safety. As according to the several rules and conditions stating that “Seat belts are mandatory (must and should)”. Hence by trying to bring a necessary concept in which the speed of a car can’t be controlled by the use of a seat belt. By this concept it will be contractual to each and every one to fasten their seat belts while driving and for sure it would decrease the damage during the accidents. Keywords - Speed Control, Seat Belt, Speed Controlling Unit, ECU (Engine Control Unit)