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Review on Repowering of Conventional Thermal Power Plant into a SAPG System with Integrated de-NOX Purification for Efficiency Increment and Reduction in Pollution under Different Load Conditions and Operating Strategies

Currently, in most of the world, coal-based thermal power plants continue to be the primary source of electrical power, which has led to a reduction in fossil fuel availability and increasing environmental pollutants. Therefore, there is an increase in the usage of renewable energy and put on the agenda of most of the researchers in the field of energy. Also according to government plans, power plants should produce a part of energy through renewable sources, in the coming years. In this paper, we have discussed studies related to Solar Aided Power Generation System, in which solar energy is utilized in power plants, to heat the feed water and to increase selective catalyst reduction efficiency that leads to coal saving effect and reducing environmental pollutants. Various strategies of working and a different configuration of integrating have also been discussed and results are analyzed. Results from these studies show that fuel consumption by the boiler and CO2 emissions were reduced under different strategies and configuration and also it leads to an increase in the efficiency of selective catalyst reduction under various load conditions. Keywords - Solar Aider Power Generation, Feed Water Preheating, Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR de-NOx, Mixed-mode of Operation, Relative Profitability.