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IOT Based Solar Power Monitoring System

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a great vision where the internet usage widely extends into the real-time world embracing the daily need objects. IoT is a type of “Multi-Purpose Network” in the cloud which gives privileges to various things. IoT also allows the objects which are to be perceived and/or controlled partially over an existing network system, thus creating greater opportunities for keen integration of the world into electronic-based systems, and resulting in enhanced efficiency, accuracy and frugal benefit in addition to the reduction of human interference. Using this exemplifying Technology for monitoring solar power generation can give eminent performance characteristics, proper monitoring and efficient maintenance of the solar plant. The bulky scale of solar system implementation requires intellectual systems for automation of the solar plant monitoring scarcely using web/App-based interconnection as most of them are installed in inconvenient locations and thus lacking the ability to be monitored from a conscientious location. By implementing the IoT technology, the data which is received from the panels and devices are sent to the server over the internet for the future use as well as the remote user can monitor the various parameters of the connected appliances. Smart power monitoring also displays the everyday usage of renewable energy (Solar), thus making it useful for collecting real-time data and analyze the system performance. Keywords - IoT, Solar Power, Smart Monitoring, Cloud.