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A Pair of Shoes – Aesthetics-Fashionable-Hedonism Model

Aesthetic can be defined as the sensitive selection or appreciation of formal, expressive, or symbolic qualities of the product or environment, providing non-instrumental benefits that result in pleasure or satisfaction. While buying a pair of shoes aesthetic values are playing a prominent role in other words aesthetic is a branch of philosophy that explores art and beauty, with the creation and appreciation of beauty. And a fashionable shoe is the part of trend and style and gives the glimpses of once individuality. A fashionable shoe can become the prevailing style is behaviour or manifest the newest creation of designer and technologist. Touch feel -buy is the common practice at the time of buying shoes people take the shoes they touch it feel it and then try to check the comfortable level and after buying a good pair of shoes a feel factor, a sense of enjoyment and pleasure that the customer gets is really associated with the hedonism model in consumer behavior. Keywords - Aesthetic, Fashionable, Touch-Feel-Buy, Hedonism, Utilitarianism