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IoT based Smart Autonomous Farming Systems

The farming and agriculture industry in India are very traditional using outdated techniques and methods which results in yield way below par. Farmers in India rely too much on rain and natural resources which results in huge losses. Also, there is an increase in labor and agri-input cost making it more difficult for farmers to make sustainable profit. Water scarcity is a very big issue nowadays and unsustainable usage of ground water is making it more worrisome. Affordable technological solutions empowered by IoT, AI tools is one of the crucial ways to overcome these problems. At Navariti Innovation we have developed IoT based state-of-art completely automated farming system which will automatically do the irrigation and fertigation if and when required. The beauty of this device is that it does not require any human intervention. The impact of this device is a significant increase in yield and reduction of agri-input costs. One of the most crucial advantages is also the optimal and sustainable usage of natural resources (ground water) to enable better yield for the next harvest season. We have also developed automation system for aquaculture which will monitor and control the critical parameter in water like dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, water temperature, salinity and free ammonia. This system will automatically take corrective action if and whenever required. Since the water parameter remains under control thus there is an increase in yield and farmer can grow better quality fish with more nutritious value without taking any risk. Keywords - Agri-Input Costs, Automated Farming System, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH