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Student Helpline - To Raise Queries, Overcoming Stress and for Individual Analysis

Technology has been helping individuals to automate and simplify the system. In any organization or department when a complaint is raised, it goes through a series of people and there is a time delay to get the work done. This paper is regarding a system that will help digitize the maintenance department and help students. This paper tells how we can provide an end to end communication such that we could eliminate intermediate people and get the work done much faster. Our second module caters to the problem of students not getting enough time to manage academics, extracurricular activities, family pressure and so on which leads to the youth facing stress. Our System will help the students interact with therapist, and also have a chat bot powered by NLP which will chat with the person and motivate him, Our System will analyze the chat and understand the behavior of the person talking and chat accordingly and also show motivational videos, quotes which will help them. The methods used to identify stress levels of the person and provides measures like constantly motivating AI used chat bot, real time chat with counsellor and motivational videos and photos to increase self-esteem. We all have goals that we want to achieve in life, but sometimes we are unable to achieve it, due to poor prior planning of students, Our system uses a database of students with same academic history he will enter his desired pointer and Regression that analyses the current marks of the student and his desired marks will be taken into consideration and a blueprint of the same will be created in which a distribution of marks will be displayed that shows detail mark classification as per requirement . Keywords - NLP, Regression, Analysis, Cognitive Learning, Automation, QR Code, Classification