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Analysis on Prosodic Features in Assamese Emotional Speech

Speech is a verbal source of human communication with emotions and intentions. It is a natural method which containing information about speaker, language, message etc. Speech convey linguistical information associated with emotions, as well as vocal information and that can be extracted by speech processing methods. In this paper, we represents the basic analysis on various speech prosodic features of different emotional speech in Assamese language for identify the comparison between male and female speakers who linguistically react differently in the same situations, which are analyzed by using MATLAB and ‘PRAAT’ speech analyzing software. We also used statistical paired t-Test on prosodic features through which we can define the significant difference between male and female speech in different emotions. We also give an observation about speaker’s voice quality based on the prosodic analysis in different emotional states. Through emotional analysis helps to describe how prosodic properties of speech change for different emotional state of a human being. Keywords - Human Communication, Speech Processing, Emotion, Speech