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Leader Born in Meridian: Analysis of Alice Walker’s Meridian

As the saying going that leaders are not made, they are born, it would be not be incorrect to mention that an individual who is destined to lead for a cause or a movement is required to have the instincts since the beginning of one’s growing time. The same notion can be applied for the character Meridian, in the Alice Walker’s novel Meridian. This novel is a semiautobiographical novel, where Alice Walker through the character of Meridian brings not only her perception of woman becoming a leader but also projects her memories of participating in Civil Rights Movement against the Whites. Meridian, a black woman hailing from South had been a dejected soul in her initial years due to loveless marriage, rejected by her love, alienated from her family and burdened by the motherhood. In the later years of life Meridian established herself strongly by participating in various black movements and fighting for them. The paper traces the journey of Meridian becoming part of the movement and dedicating her life in serving the black community and establishing her new identity as a leader, respected by everyone in her community. Also, paper analyses Alice Walker’s own view and dedication to those unnamed black people who were part of the Civil Rights Movement, but never received any recognition or appreciation. Keywords - Leader, Black community, Civil Rights Movement, Alienation