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Dynamics of Landlessness: A Missing Perspective in Urban Development

This paper is primarily looking into the effects of land acquisition process and poor urban planning for landless sections, that how little changes in the laws and policy making process can change or prevent future policy issue in most effective and efficient ways by focusing on sustainable or inclusive development practices. A focused group study was conducted on two location, Indirapuram in Ghaziabad and Jewar Airport development in Noida, to understand the complexities and transitory socio-economic problems underneath the urban development planning. At both the location 2-2 villages were selected, and 80 respondents were asked about the socio-economic changes after influx of huge money and Changes from transition to rural to urban area in lieu of acquisition of their respective land for public development purpose. The results were certainly not in favour of poor and marginal landless village residents who have no or little land for acquirement for public purpose. Point is,Land acquisition has always been remained a controversial issue in India resulting in conflicts between social, economic and political structures. But this papers argument is just to bring about the issues of landless residents of area whose basic land rights were ignored by society citing the socio-cultural practices and in contemporary times by government through ill-conceived policies for urban development, handicapping the landless farmers of India. Keywords - Land Acquisition, Poor Urban Planning, Landless Sections, Socio-Economic Changes