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Flood Management in Dwarakeshwar River Basin, West Bengal: A Case Study of 2017 Event

Flood is a very serious natural hazards occurring in many parts of our country. It is the most dreadful natural disaster in the state of West Bengal experiences. One of the furious rivers, Dwarakeshwar drains a wide area covering western part of the Hooghly district of West Bengal and flooded every year. For the better assessment of present flood situation, a flood frequency analysis (to perform flood frequency, Weibull’s Plotting Positions probability method has been used), and hydrograph has been prepared with the help of last 40 years of annual maximum series of discharge/gauge data collected from the district’s gauge station. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing have emerged as an important tool in the study of floods, enabling preparation of maps of inundated areas and assessment of damages. An inundated map has been prepared with the help of Sentinel 1 satellite data for the vulnerability assessment. This paper confirms the medium to high risk of flooding and accordingly flood management strategy need to be taken to reduce its impact. Keywords - Flood frequency, Sentinel 1, Flood management, Hydrograph, Vulnerability.